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Prices exclude postage and packing which are charged at cost. All books are insured in transit.

Overseas orders may be sent by airmail via the Print Direct (formerly M-bag) system which is not tracked, but is cost efficient. The minimum weight for this service is 1.5 kilos which may mean that an order is bulked out with additional printed material. Bizarrely this added weight reduces the cost of postage. Print Direct really comes into its own for multi-book parcels.

Books can be sent by a trackable service, but this may increase the cost of postage and can work out slower and from experience parcels sent "signed for" are more likely to go missing.

If books sell out and I need to re-stock, prices and descriptions may alter, but current prices will be shown on the main pages of the website.

Part One - New acquisitions and imminent arrivals of new publications.

Unless stated otherwise, all books are hardbacks or paperback originals, in fine condition and are first impressions of first UK editions. A fuller description will gladly be supplied on request. Most titles in this section are on view at

Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time, shown as signed for the first time or shown for the first time in Part One.

Alvarez, Clarissa & Kalule, Petero: Marsh-River-Raft-Feather. Guillemot 2021. A new collection. £10.00


Armitage, Simon: The Owl and the Nightingale. Faber. The poet turns his hand again to middle English re-interpretation. Signed by the author on a loosely inserted themed bookplate. £14.99


Arudpragasam, Anuk: A Passage North. Granta 2021. Shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Signed by the author on a loosely inserted themed bookplate. £50.00


Bennett, Claire Louise: Checkout 19. Jonathan Cape 2021. The Irish author's second novel. £14.99


Benson, Fiona: Bioluminescent Baby. Guillemot 2021.  A new collection of poetry of an up and coming young poet celebrating bugs and beetles. Illustrated with woodcuts by Anupa Gardner. Received a rave review in The Observer. £10.00


***Blandiana, Ana: Five Books. Bloodaxe 2021. Five poetry collections published together. £14.99


 Buchan-Watts, Sam: Path Through Wood. Prototype 2021. Large format paperback collection of poetry.  £18.00


Clegg, John: Pinecoast. Hazel Press 2021. Signed by the author to the title page. Sewn bound paperback collection of poetry.


***Davis, Lydia: Essays Two. Hamish Hamilton 2021. Secoond volume of the author's non fiction. £20.00


Diehl, Carol: Banksy - Completed. MIT 2021. A first authorised study of the reclusive artist. £30.00


***Drew, Kimberley & Wortham, Jenna: Black Futures. One World 2021. A look at Black creativity. £20.00


Ellis, Warren: Nina Simone's Gum. Faber. Why did the author keep Nina Simone's used chewing gum? Signed by the author to the half title page. £20.00


Elven, Lucie: The Weak Spot. Prototype 2021. A new arrival at a remote pharmacy her suspicions £18.00


Emezi, Akwaeke: Dear Senthuran - A Black Spirit Memoir. Memoirs of what it means to be Black. Faber 2021. £14.99


Ernaux, Annie: Exteriors. Fitzcarraldo 2021. A random selection of diary entries. £8.99


Fallon, Felice: Interviews with an Ape. Century 2021. Signed by the author to a loosely inserted bookplate. A novel about living with vulnerable animals. £14.99


Ferris, Joshua: A Calling for Charlie Barnes. Viking 2021. A contented father is pulled into the 21st century. £16.99


Fosse, Jon: A New Name - Septology VI-V11. Fitzcarraldo 2021. The final instalment. £12.99


Franzen, Jonathan: Crossroads. 4th Estate. A family is at a crossroads 50 years ago. Signed by the author. 20.00


Godden, Salena: Mrs Death Misses Death. Canongate 2021.  Signed by the author to a bookplate stuck to the title page. £14.99


Hall, Sarah: Burntcoat. Faber 2021. A sculptor faces her last days. Signed by the author to the title page. £12.99


Hazzard, Oli: Lorem Ipsum. Prototype 2021. A new collection of poetry. £16.00


Hughes, Ted: Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being. Faber 2021. First paperback edition. £30.00


Hutchinson, Ishion. Far District. Faber 2021. A second full collection of poems. £10.99


***Kaur, Rupi: Home Body. Simon & Schuster 2021. Signed by the author on a themed tipped- in bookplate. A hardback in cloth boards, published after the 2020 paperback original. £14.99


Klaces, Caleb: Away from Me. Prototype 2021. A second collection of poetry. £17


Lancaster, Philip: Sonata. Guillemot Press 2021. A small collection of poetry. £6.00


Lanyon, Andrew: Sheila Lanyon 1918-2015. Andrew Lanyon 2021.  Oblong format.  The author's biography of his mother. Signed by the author. Paperback edition of 70 copies £25.00. Hardback edition of 30 copies £50.00

Lanyon, Andrew: Vera Rowley's A Perfect Darkness. Andrew Lanyon 2021. One of an edition of 75 copies. Oblong format hand stitched paperback. Signed by the author. £25.00

Lanyon, Andrew: Upside Down at Rowley Hall. Andrew Lanyon 2021. One of an edition of 75 copies. Second edition oblong format paperback. Signed by the author. £15.00

Lanyon, Andrew: Compartments in the Heart of Rowley Hall. Andrew Lanyon 2021. One of an edition of 100 copies. Oblong format hand stitched paperback. Signed by the author. £25.00

Lanyon, Andrew: Peter Lanyon's Construction for St. Just. One of an edition of 100 oblong paperbacks. Signed by the author. £30.00 (see above for details of a limited edition).


Levy, Deborah: Real Estate. Hamish Hamilton. The final part of the author's living biography trilogy. Signed on a loosely inserted bookplate. £25.00


Macrae Burnet, Graeme: Case Study. Saraband 2021. Was her sister's death caused by the actions of a psychotherapist? £14.99


***Matsumoto, Lila: Two Twin Pipes Sprout Water. Prototype 2021. A new collection of poetry. Signed by the author. £18.00


McBride, Eimear: Something Out of Place - Women & Disgust. Profile. Signed by the author on a loosely inserted bookplate.  A single essay. £9.99


McCarthy, Tom: The Making of Incarnation. Jonathan Cape 2021. Lillian Gilbreth's box goes missing. £16.99


McKinney, Jess: Weeding. Hazel Press 2021. Signed by the author to the title page. Sewn bound paperback collection of poetry.


McMillan, Andrew: Pandemonium. Jonathan Cape. The latest collection of poems. £10.00


Medland, Amber: Wild Pets. Faber 2021. Three friends have a roller coaster life style after college. £14.99


Mohamed, Nadifa: The Fortune Men. Jonathan Cape 2021. Shortlisted for the Booker Prize. £40.00


***Moore, Alison. The Retreat. Salt 2021.  Sandra has the opporunity of a lifetime. £9.99


Mort, Helen & Naomi, Katrina: Same But Different. Hazel Press 2021. Sewn bound paperback collection of poetry. £12.00


***Murakami, Haruki: The T-Shirts I Love. Harvill Secker 2021. The author explores his T-shirt collection. £14.99


Onwuemezi, Vanessa: Dark Neighbourhood. Fitzcarraldo 2021. A first collection of stories.  £10.99


Pachico, Julianne: The Anthill. Faber 2021. Copies signed by the author on a loosely inserted bookplate. £25.00


Petterson, Per: Men in my Situation: Harvill Secker 2021. Arvid Jansen is becoming increasingly isolated. £16.99


Powers, Richard: Bewilderment. Hutchinson Heinemann 2021. Trouble at home for a widowed astrologer.  Shortlisted for the Booker Prize. £20.00. Signed copies £40.00


Reynolds, Flo: The Other Body. Guillemot 2021. A new collection. £10.00


Riley, Christina: The Beach Today. Guillemot 2021. A visual diary of daily shell, shard and pebble finds on a Scottish beach. £25.00


Riordan, Maurice: Shoulder Tap. Faber 2021. The poet's fifth full collection. £14.99


Riviere, Sam: Dead Souls. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. A first novel from a respected young poet. Copies signed by the author on a loosely inserted bookplate. £25.00


***Rupp, Christy: Noisy Autumn - Sculpture & Works on Paper. Mandala Publishing 2021. £32.00


Sabah, Naush: Litanies. Guillemot Press 2021. A new collection of poetry. £8.00


Shafak, Elif: The Island of Missing Trees. Viking 2021. A novel set in the politically heated Cyprus of 1974. Signed by the author to a tipped in sheet. £14.99


Slifkin, Robert: Imagining Landscapes - Paintings by Helen Frankenthaler, 1952-1976. Rizzoli/Gargosian. £60.00


Slimani, Leila: The Country of Others. Faber 2021. Signed by the author to a loosely inserted bookplate. Volume 1 of a trilogy set in post-war France. £14.99


Stadnicka, Maria: Buried Gods Metal Prophets. Guillemot Press 2021. Small format poetry collection with illustrations by Antonia Glucksman. £12.00


Stringer, Nic: Hemispheres. Guillemot 2021. A new collection of poetry. £10.00


Taylor, Brandon. Filthy Animals. Daunt Books 2021. Signed by the author £9.99


Tokarczuk, Olga: The Books of Jacob. Fitzcarraldo 2021.  New novel from the Nobel winner. Paperback original. £20.00


Underwood, Jack: A Year in the New Life. Faber 2021. The young poet's latest collection.  Signed by the author. £15.00


WeiWei, Ai: 1000 Years of Joy and Sorrows. Bodley Head 2021. The artist's life story. £25.00


Yau, John: William Tillyer. Rizzoli 2021. A new monograph of a contemporary British artist. £55.00


***Yongzheng, Li: Yes, Today - Art as a Life Practice. Rizzoli 2021.  Large flexibound format. £39.95


Zayyan, Hafsa: We Are All Birds of Uganda. Merky Books 2021. Signed by the author to a loosely inserted bookplate. A novel set in the Asian community of Uganda as Idi Amin comes to power. £14.99

Part Two - Recent Acquisitions of older titles

Armstrong, Charles: Cusack's Freehand Ornament - A Text Book with Chapters on Elements, Principles and Methods of Freehand Drawing, for the General Use of Teachers and Students of Public, Private and Elementary Schools; for Students in Training Colleges, and for ....City of London Book Depot; 1895. First edition, first printing. Very good in blue cloth with red titles to the front board and spine. £50.00

Armstrong, Richard: Grace Darling - Maid and Myth. Dent; 1965. First edition, first printing. Very good with some discolouration to the boards in very good dustjacket. £18.00

Bowness, Sophie (edits): Barbara Hepworth - The Plasters - The Gift to Wakefield. Lund Humphries; 2011. First edition, first printing. Fine large format paperback edition. £60.00

Curtis, Penelope & Wilkinson, Alan G: Barbara Hepworth - A Retrospective. Tate; 1994. First edition, first printing. Fine large format paperback exhibition catalogue. £50.00

Miller, E: Scripture History; The Lives of the Most Celebrated Apostles. T Kelly; 1826-1827. Stated new edition, assumed first printing. Small format brown leather binding, three volumes bound as one. Very good with a broken spine. No apparent loss of pages. £50.00

Moss, Catherine: Every-Day Work in the Household. A Book for Girls in Domestic Service. Bemrose; 1892. Fourth edition, assumed first printing. Very good, small format, reddy brown cloth binding. The author is believed to be the sister or mother of Fletcher Moss. £50.00

Moa Museum of Art Selected Catalogue of Ukiyo-e Paintings: Moa Museum of Art; 1982. First edition, first printing. Japanese text. Fine paperback catalogue with many colour illustrations including fold outs. £15.00

Ortiz-Echague, Jose: Photographs. Gordon Fraser; 1979. First edition, first printing. Near fine in near fine dustjacket. £25.00

Reynolds, M.A: The Complete Art of Cookery exhibited in a Plain and Easy Manner with Directions for Marketing, the seasons for Meat, Poultry, Fish, Game etc. Kershaw and Son; c 1850. First edition, first printing. Small format. Good in cloth boards, with broken front internal hinge. £75.00

Wallace, Ernest & Adamson Hoebel, E: The Comanches - Lords of the South Plains. University of Oklahoma Press; 1954. First edition, second printing. Very good with a small amount of foxing to the edges in very good dustjacket. £35.00 x

Williams, Val & Bright, Susan: How We Are - Photographing Britain from the 1840's to the Present. Tate, 2007. First edition, first printing. Fine large format paperback. Gallery guide for the exhibition laid in. £20.00


 Part Three - Soon to appear books.

The following list is a round up of the main titles to be published in the UK in the next few months. Orders for these titles are now being taken. The books will be first printings, signed (when available) and sold at cover price where possible. However, I often have to buy in books at full price from reputable sources including literary festivals I attend, so please bear in mind that the prices below are for guidance and subject to confirmation. Additionally, the cover price and publication date may be changed by the publisher before publication. There may be a delay in obtaining signed copies of some titles, and in some cases copies may not be forthcoming.

January 2022

***Browning Wroe, Jo: A Terrible Kindness, Faber. The consequence of the 1966 Aberfan landslide. £14.99

***de Kretser, Michelle: Scary Monsters. Atlantic. A dystopian novel set in near-future Australia. £14.99

***Elliott, Andrea: Invisible Child. Hutchinson Heinemann 2022. A first novel from a Pulitzer winning journalist. £16.99

Hadley, Tessa: Free Love. Jonathan Cape. Things hot up a bit for Phyllis in the 60's. £16.99

Le Tellier, Herve: The Anomaly. Michael Joseph. The Goncourt winner.  £14.99

May, Nikki: Wahala. Doubleday. Three mixed race Britons compare notes in their 30's.  £14.99

***Yanagihara, Hanya: To Paradise. Picador. Love over the centuries. £20.00

February 2022

***Ali, Monica: Love Marriage. Virago. A first novel for 10 years. £18.99

***Benson, Fiona: Ephemeron. Jonathan Cape. The poet's third full collection. £12.00

***Hyde, Alex: Violets. Granta. The stories of two women called Violet. £12.99

***Lloyd Banwo, Ayanna: When we Were Birds. Hamish Hamilton. A debut novel set in Trinidad. £14.99

***Magee, Audrey: The Colony. Faber. A new novel from an admired Irish author.  £14.99

***Tsiolkas, Christos: 7 ½. Atlantic. A writer arrives at the coast alone at starts to write. £16.99

March 2022

***Barrett, Colin: Homesickness. Jonathan Cape. A new collection of short stories. £14.99

***Berry, Emily: Unexhausted Time. Faber. A mesmerising new poetry collection. £10.99

***Caldwell, Lucy: These Days. Faber. A new novel from an award winning writer. £12.99

***Cole, Lee: Groundskeeping. Faber.  A relationship between 2 very different people. £14.99

***James, Marlon: Moon Witch, Spider King. Viking. The second part of the author's Dark Star trilogy. £20.00

***Joy Fowler, Karen: Booth. Serpent's Tail. The story of the scheming booth family. £18.99

***Mendelson, Charlotte: The Exhibitionist. Mantle. The goings-on under the surface of family life. £16.99

***Miller, Andrew: The Slowworm's Song. Sceptre. A mentally fragile former soldier is called to account. £18.99

***Toibin, Colm: Vinegar Hill. Carcanet. The author's first collection of poetry. £12.99

April 2022

***Barnes, Julian: Elizabeth Finch. Jonathan Cape. How can we be taught to find ourselves?  £16.99

***Bulawayo, NoViolet: Glory. Chatto & Windus. A story of colonialism - a modern day Animal Farm. £18.99

***Egan, Jennifer: The Candy House. Corsair. A follow up to A Visit from the Goon Squad. £20.00

***Hickson-Lovence, Ashley: Your Show. Faber. A biography/novel of the UK's first black Premier League football referee. £14.99

***Kennedy, Louise. Trespasses. Bloomsbury. Another bomb goes off in Belfast. £14.99

***Smith, Ali: Companion Piece. Hamish Hamilton. A new novel focusing on the various forms of companionship.  £16.99

***Stuart, Douglas: Young Mungo. Picador. A second novel set in Glasgow from the Booker Prize winner. £16.99

***Tyler, Anne: French Braid. Chatto & Windus. Family ups and downs over a 70 year period. £16.99

May 2022

***Calder, Jem: Reward System. Faber. Love and life in modern times. £12.99

***Emezi, Akwaeke: You Made a Fool of Death with your Beauty. Faber. Young love....£14.99

***Mottley, Leila: Nightcrawling. Bloomsbury. A first novel set in the author's home of California. £16.99

***Myers, Benjamin: The Perfect Golden Circle. Bloomsbury. The tale of two men in a camper van. £16.99

***Pine, Emilie: Ruth & Pen. Hamish Hamilton. A first novel featuring two very different young women. £14.99

***Toltz, Steve: Here Goes Nothing. Sceptre. Angus isn't happy to have been murdered. £18.99

June 2022

***Adukwei Bulley, Victoria: Quiet. Faber. A first collection from an exciting new collection. £10.99

***Cahill, James: Tiepolo Blue. Sceptre. The life and times of a young art historian in 1990's London. £16.99

***Carriere, Emmanuel: Yoga. Jonathan Cape. A meditation retreat ends in sharp reality. £16.99

***Moshfegh, Ottessa: Lapvona. Jonathan Cape. Somewhere in medieval there is an orphaned boy. £14.99

***Newman, Sandra: Julia. Granta. In an instant, all the world's male population disappears. £14.99

***Toews, Miriam: Fight Night. Faber. a story of three generations of women. Price to be confirmed.

July 2022

***Burton, Jessie: House of Fortune. Picador. A sequel to The Miniaturist, 18 years later. £16.99

August 2022

***Chaudhuri, Amit: Sojourn. Faber. A new arrival is immersed in the history of Berlin. £12.99

***Paterson, Don. Echoism. Faber. A new poetry collection. Price to be confirmed.

***Pheby, Alex: Malarkoi. Galley Beggar. The second novel in the Mordew series. Format and price to be confirmed.

September 2022

***Ilboudo, Monique: So Distant from my Life. Tilted Axis. An optimistic immigrant tale. Price to be confirmed.

***Pamuk, Orhan: Nights of Plague. Faber. A new novel set in the last days of the Ottoman empire. Price to be confirmed.

***Shamsie, Kamila: Best of Friends. Bloomsbury. A novel of contemporary life. Price to be confirmed.

November 2022

***Murakami, Haruki: Novelist as a Vocation. Harvill Secker. Hints on writing. Price to be confirmed.


* Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time or have been modified.



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