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Brings Larks and Heroes

Thomas Keneally

Published by Cassell in Melbourne, 1967


Fragile Monsters

Catherine Menon

Published by Penguin Viking in London, 2021


Come Sketching

Percy Bradshaw

Published by The Studio in London, 1949


Ben Nicholson

John Summerson

Published by Penguin in London, 1948


Caradon and Looe: The Canal, Railways and Mines

Michael Messenger

Published by Twelveheads in Truro, 1978



Joan London

Published by Atlantic in London, 2002


Paul Feiler

Andrew Lanyon

Published by Andrew Lanyon in Newlyn, 1990


Richard Carew of Antony

F.E. Halliday

Published by Melrose in London, 1953


Pendennis & St. Mawes Castle

Ministry of Public Building and Works

Published by HMSO in London, 1968



Jessie Greengrass

Published by Guillemot Factory in Lanhydrock, 2018


The Sweetness of Water

Nathan Harris

Published by Tinder Press in London, 2021


The Scholar

Courttia Newland

Published by Abacus in London, 1997



Radu Varia

Published by Gallimard in Paris, 1989


Humphry Davy - Science & Power

David Knight

Published by Blackwell's in Oxford, 1992


Pendennis & St. Mawes - An Historical Sketch of Two Cornish Castles

S Pasfield Oliver

Published by Dyllansow Truran in Truro, 1984



J.O. Morgan

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 2022


The Dialect of Cornwall

Erwin Chirgin

Published by Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in Cornwall, 1938


The People of Penryn in the Seventeenth Century

June Palmer

Published by Privately Printed in Truro, 33595


Take a Buttock of Beefe

Verity Isitt

Published by Ashford Press Publishing in Southampton, 1987


John Hoyland - 2003

Norbert Lynton (introduces)

Published by Beaux Arts in London, 2003


Dear Future.

Fred D'Aguiar

Published by Chatto & Windus in London, 1996


Grant Wood

Kate F Jennings

Published by Crescent Books in New York, 1994


Pseudomorphs of Cassiterite, etc, after Felspar at Wheal Coates, St. Agnes, Cornwall

J. M. Coon

Published by Royal Geological Society of Cornwall in Truro, 1934


Love and Other Thought Experiments

Sophie Ward

Published by Corsair in London, 2020


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